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The Story Behind the Song - "Before the Night is Through"

I first got the inspiration to write "Before the Night is Through" a long time ago. I think it was around 2007. (Click here for lyrics.)

This might disappoint you, but there's no romantic love story behind the song. There was no person who inspired it. Rather, it was simply my effort to write something I hoped people might like, and I know people tend to like love songs. So I decided I wanted to write my own Savage Garden-type of love song.

Realizing that Savage Garden tended to use block piano chords in their songs (see "Truly Madly Deeply"), I sat at my piano in Waipahu, Hawaii, and pounded out a few chords - A, E, G, D.
I thought it sounded pretty good, and had the makings of something interesting. As is a common practice of mine, I decided to think of some random words or phrases to help me remember the song so I can continue to work on it going forward, and because this was supposed to be a type of love song / ballad, I was trying to think of something that sounded "loving."

The first thing that popped into my head was: "I think I'll fall in love with you... before the night is through."

"Ha!" I thought to myself. "That sounds pretty good."

I'm not really sure how I wrote the "so let your hair hang down" hook. It sort of just popped into my head.

Later I would work on the three verses. There was also a bridge, but I would eventually cut it out of the song entirely, since it wasn't necessary, and it only served to make the song longer.

I always envisioned this song having strings to back it, even before the song was even completed.

And there you have it.


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