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Original art, apparel, and accessories of Hawaii and Asia by Rob Kajiwara

Don't Know Where to Cross

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorites of the songs I've written so far. The song will be on my first album, "More Than Just a Brick in the Wall," and will also be a feature song in my film of the same name. It was the last of the songs I wrote for this album, and was the only one that was written in Washington. I wrote it not too long after I returned from Hawaii. I was examining the songs planned for my album, and I decided that one of them just wasn't the right fit, and I decided to write a more suitable song. I chose to write it on guitar, since all of my other songs were written on piano. I wrote the song very quickly, much quicker than my others. When ever I write lyrics, I use the first words that come to my head, just as place holders, even if it sounds stupid and doesn't make sense, since I can always go back and change them. (Many songwriters do this.) But the first words that came to mind for this song were the ones that I stuck with. It seemed to …